about us

The SPARK EDUCATORS Centre opened 2 years ago with the aim to offer quality education to each and every one of our student. Our Centre in India has developed into the area’s primary resource for after-school tuition for school going children. We are confident that SPARK EDUCATORS which is owned and managed by our family, will soon be at the core of education in Spark.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping children do their very best in school. They form a team with expertise in all areas of literacy and numeracy ranging from reading and writing to solving Mathematics and speaking fluent English.

We are sensitive and flexible in our approach to teaching and because our extensive resources can offer a program designed to meet your exact needs. All our teachers are up to date with the requirements of the National Curriculum. Our teaching supports the work children do in school. The skills they learn from us will help them do better in each and every aspect of life.

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SPARK EDUCATORS proudly helping students achieve their highest potential for over 2 years.

We have a wealth of experience in teaching and guiding children through their academic years and are pleased to be able to say that the majority of our students come to us through recommendation. Now in the last 2 years we are also delighted to be able to say that a number of our former parents have chosen to send their Friends children to us for tutoring. Our students come to us from Many Locality. At SPARK EDUCATORS,we feel it is important to do everything we can to keep your child safe.

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